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v1.1.5 Release (01/09/23)

The following are the changelog entries from all previous versions up to this point as this is the first public release of Logic.


Contract Updates: You can now add services to contracts after contracts have been signed with an addendum. There are times where you need to add an item to a contract after the contract has been signed without having to resign. These can be now assigned with a note when added from the services view. You can also remove items from a contract with a note in the event of accidental assignment.

FAQ in Shop: Added frequently asked questions for products and services for shop. You can now edit your products and services and add frequently asked questions in the ecommerce view.
Product/Service Categories - If you are reorganizing your products and services you can now change the category that has been assigned by clicking "Change Category" from the bottom of the editor.

Leads/Statuses: You can now manage your lead statuses from the admin > lead types view. Future automation functionality will be available soon to add different timers and actions when a lead has been set or has gone stale. The UI has been updated to reflect these changes.

Import Leads: Leads can now be imported from the leads view with a samples CSV file provided.

Commissions: Commissions can now be assigned "batches" and grouped together for payouts to your sales agents. 3 new email templates have been created to provide sales agents updates on when a commission has been generated, batched, and paid.

Profit Margins: Profit Margins have been provided in the products and services view so you can see immediately what your margins are based on pricing set.

Min/Max Pricing: Two new fields called "Min Price" and "Max Price" have been added to products and services for allowing sales agents to set their own pricing within limits.
Questionnaire/Discovery: Sales agents can now update the Lead Discovery Questionnaire when creating a lead.

Sales Quoting: Sales can now fill their cart with items for a quote and then dump those items into a quote with price modifications. This concept is similar to the customer method of building a quote with the added option to see commissions upon updating the pricing. Sales can then send the quote to the customer similar to the administrative view.


File Categories - Categories have been added under settings where you can define the types of files you wish to store for your accounts. These categories will be available inside the account under the Files tab.

Acccount Profitability - Account profitability after quote is sold to track remaining revenue and margin. Before, you were only able to determine profitability during the quote process. Now, based on the contract length you will see how much contracted revenue is left in the existing contract.

Quote Service Sorting - Added sorting functionality on quotes. You can now move items up and down where applicable to order the visual representation of your quotes more effectively.
Shop Assistant - You will now see when users hit your shop and can interact with them. An example use case would be that you have someone on the phone and are trying to direct them to particular products/services. With this tool, as you are explaining a service you can direct the user to the service without the need for the user to find it on their own.

You can also add, remove and modify items to the user's cart, adjust pricing, and create a quote that is available instantly to the user with remote commands!

Customer Cancellation - Customers can now request cancellation of services and will show contract remaining value upon request. Payout percentages can be set in settings.

Forecasted Leads - Leads forecasted that have not sold by their set date will now be shown as an alert on the dashboard.

Confirm on Exit Modal - When clicking outside of a modal popup you will now be prompted to confirm exit to avoid losing saved work.

Edit Addon Groups - When building products and services you could not update the group name or description. This has been corrected.