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v1.1.6 Release (01/18/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.6 (Jan 18, 2023)

The following items were completed v1.1.6.

# 25 - Invoice Editing - Change Due Date

Some customers have requested that when an invoice goes out, that they be able to manually change the due date. This can be accomplished by adding a little settings card next to the actions and providing the ability to update.

# 24 - Payment on Invoice Activity

This should be ".. made a payment of $71.00 to Invoice #812 for {company name} via Transaction..."

# 19 - Installer - Set Autoincrement

During the install process we need to have a few fields that allow the customer to set their next auto-increments. People don't like having it start at 1. Especially if coming from a previous billing system or method. This should be for: Invoices, Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Leads

# 3 - Importing Accounts

We currently have an import system for leads, however when people switch to Logic we need a quick way to import accounts. Take the lead import functionality and re-purpose it for accounts as well.

# 14 - Activity Component - Adding more context

When a comment is left we create this little box that shows the comment, which is great. However, When an invoice is sent, or a quote is created, we should also create context..

For instance, if it's an invoice.. How much was the invoice, when is it due, etc.

If it's a quote, what is the MRC/NRC on it.. Profit margin? etc.. Would be nice to see this on the dashboard.

# 18 - Shop Session Authorization

Currently when a user hits the shop it shows up on the dashboard as a potential "cart" that we can help the customer modify. The issue with this is, is that there are a billion bots out there on the internet and it can flood that section.