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v1.1.12 Release (02/02/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.12 (Feb 02, 2023)

A few minor usability features were added into this release to clean up some leftover issues from v1.1.11.

Sales Agents - Lead Activity

The lead activity component was added to the sales agent side similar to the admin side. This is located under discovery and will allow agents to post updates to leads as they get them and show up on the admin dashboard.

Admin Search - Product Catalog

Products and services have been added to the main search bar in the admin view for quick access to these items.

Creating a Quote from a Lead or Account

A more unified approach to building a quote from either a lead or account has been implemented; cleaning up a lot of duplicated code to handle each type.

[BUG] Quickbooks Customer Sync

The customer sync for Quickbooks was not syncing the ship to/bill to fields and has been corrected.

[BUG] Invoice Past Due

The invoices that were past due were not showing properly under Admin -> Invoices, and has been corrected.

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