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v1.1.13 Release (02/09/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.13 (Feb 09, 2023)

New Contributors

Logic has received 2 new contributors starting in v1.1.13. Shoutout to the following users for their contributions!

@sodu, @jlskidmore

Noteworthy Updates in v1.1.13

This was a rather large update that fixed a bunch of items, rearranged and cleared some things up in the UI and added a few new features.

Taxation System

One of the items lacking in Logic was the taxation system where your catalog items could be marked as taxable. Logic now provides a tax location editor where you can add a state and their sales tax percentages. If an item or service requires sales tax it will take the customer's state and match it to a location and apply taxes.

Once the invoice has been paid in full, a "tax collection" entry is created and is awaiting payment to the regulatory office assigned.


Taxation in Beta

This feature is in beta, and is not fully 100% ready for batching taxes to a state. However, it is stable enough to begin collecting taxes and storing them. A future update will have more available in regards to creating tax payments.


Quickbooks Online - Automated Sales Tax (AST) Engine

If you are using the quickbooks online integration and you have enabled Quickbooks' AST engine, you will not be able to use this feature and taxes will be calculated using Quickbooks.

Affiliate Program with Coupons

A new affiliate system has been created that ties directly to coupons. The idea is you can create a coupon and assign an affiliate to it and track orders from that code. You can then generate a commission on the coupon should you desire to do so. This is a quick way to create "micro-agents" where they don't have access to the sales system but can have a coupon code that is tracked to them.

Logging System

A new logging system is being implemented and will track all updates to leads, quotes, accounts, invoices and the rest so you can get a timeline of items and when they were changed, and by whom.

For the full list of items updated, check out the v1.1.13 Milestone on Github.