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v1.1.14 Release (02/21/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.14 (Feb 21, 2023)

The following items were released in v1.1.14 located on Github.

Logging and Events

A new logging system has been implemented to track changes on everything from accounts, leads, invoices and more. Now when anything changes, and is supported by the logging system, you will see the following icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Logs Icon

Logs Icon

When clicking this icon, you will be presented with all the log events for that item such as: when it was created, when things change, and when they were deleted.

Terms of Service Editor

Terms of service now existed to beyond lead types and can now be built per product and service. When selling a particular service or product there may be some additional terms of services or contract items that need to be added to a contract during the checkout process. This update allows for that.

ChatGPT Integration

Logic now supports adding an OpenAI Key in Settings -> Quotes and can help you build product descriptions for common products. This integration supports product descriptions for invoices/quotes, frequently asked questions, feature bullets as well as marketing materials for your shop.

Late Fees and Invoices

You can now define late fees in Settings -> Invoices and define what your default late fee percentage is, how many days before adding a late fee as well as the verbiage for the invoice line item when a late fee is assessed.


A new signature library has been implemented to provide a better experience when signing contracts and displaying on quotes and contracts.

Financed Products

Financed products now will show how many payments are left when issuing a monthly invoice to allow for a clearer understanding of payments remaining.

See all updates made by visiting the v1.1.14 Milestone on Github.