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v1.1.15 Release (02/28/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.15 (Feb 28, 2023)

This minor revision release includes a new UI for the administrative side and introduces a few new features.

New Recurring Profiles

There are times where your customer requests that different items be invoiced separately on a monthly basis. You can now create additional recurring profiles, set their bill date, if they are auto-billed, etc. You can then set an account service item to that profile and it will be billed seperately.

Dashboard Updates

Your calendar will now show when invoices are planning to be sent (based on your next bill dates on your accounts), an MRR graph that shows MRR month over month for the last 4 months.

Commission Batches and Minimum Amounts

To avoid sending $5 commissions on a monthly basis for new sales or affiliates, you can now set a minimum amount allowed to be paid in settings. You can still send under the minimum amount, however an alert will be shown that notifies you that you are under the minimum amount.

We are excited to begin work on v.1.16 which will introduce the new Projects feature to help track billable hours, track tasks and more!