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v1.1.17 Release (03/19/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.17 (Mar 19, 2023)

The v17 release of Logic provides additional support for Logic Enterprise setups, as well as a few new UI features. As the application evolves we are adding more table vs card layout views for better representation of your customer data.

Lead Board

A new lead board layout has been created to organize your leads by their status. Future revisions will refine this card layout to sorted by Sales Agent, Lead Type, etc. You can switch from table view to card view by clicking the "Switch to {mode} View" on the left.

Customer Link and Authentication

This beta feature has been released with invoices only for now, but this setting will allow auto-login when the customer clicks on the "Pay Invoice" link in an email. The settings can be Allow Login from Link: (Never, Once, Always). Never will always require the user to login, Once will allow clicking the link once and then needing to login, or always, which will always allow auto-login when clicking the link.

Data Requirements (Date and Time)

When creating data requirements for a product or service, you can now select a time as part of the requirements. This can be used when a customer is buying something that needs to be done at a certain time. Think like "Installation Date Requested", or "Drop-off Time". These fields can now be added and optionally required before the user can checkout to put the information in before executing a quote. These values are now included on the invoice and the order.

Additional Shop Tabs

When creating a product in the shop, you may need more content area for your item. You can now add additional tabs next to Description and Frequently Asked Questions, and add additional content and images to your shop item page.

Product Catalog Card View

A new card view (similarly to leads) has been added for managing your product catalog, to get a better visual representation of your products and services.

This wraps up v1.1.17! We have a lot planned as we begin working on v1.2.0 which will introduce our new modules system to allow you to further customize your instance as well as provide additional integrations into your day-to-day 3rd party services.