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v1.1.18 Release (03/24/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.18 (Mar 24, 2023)

v1.1.18 brings a few new UI refactors as well as some requirements for QuickBooks Online oAuth integration. There are some minor changes in the oAuth flow, that for some reason had to be a specific way. For instance, we showed the Connect to {service} button at all times; so you could reconnect in the event of token loss. However, per their requirements, you can only show the Connect button OR the Disconnect button; not both at the same time.

So, the new oauth flow, will give you a status of your integration now, and only show one button at a time. If you need to re-grant your application, you will need to disconnect it first, then click Connect again. It adds a few clicks, but that's what they require, so... so be it.

User Lockout Policy

There is a new User Lockout Policy, that defaults to 6 invalid passwords that will create a 30 minute lockout. These settings can be adjusted in Settings -> Accounts but has been set by default to what QuickBooks requires.

You can reset the lockout by successfully resetting your password, or by waiting the termination period.

Session Timeout Policy

This is now defaulted to 30 minutes from the previous two hours. If you are not using QuickBooks, this can be changed back to the main setting of 120, or whatever you like via the .env settings.


Logic Enterprise Users

If you are a Logic Enterprise User, please contact Vocalogic support to have this setting adjusted.

Invoice Merging

You can now merge invoices into other applicable invoices. For instance, if you have a draft invoice open, and you want to merge these items into another open invoice, you can click the Merge Invoice button and move all the items into the target invoice, and automatically delete the source Invoice.

Lead/Account UI Refactor

We added a new layout for the account and lead views, which just makes it a more enjoyable experience working with both Leads and Accounts. Future revisions will keep working on the user experience and overall look and feel.

Check out the Official v1.1.18 Milestone on Github for more information.