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v1.1.19 Release (04/13/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.19 (Apr 13, 2023)

As we begin moving towards our final v1.1 release (v1.1.20) we spent a lot of time updating a lot of features and had a few bug fixes as well! Here's a recap:

[#317] - Invoice Past Due - Day 0 Bug

When an invoice was past due, Logic was sending an immediate past due notification without respecting the setting for sending past due notifications. This resulting in customers getting a "Your invoice is 0 days past due". This has been corrected.

[#313] - Taxes not Charged

When integrating with Quickbooks Online, the AST engine calculating taxes properly but were not reflected in Logic Quotes/Invoices properly. This has been resolved.

[#311] - Quote Accepted Notice

A new email template has been created to notify the sales agent who sold a quote that it has been accepted and a new order has been placed into Logic.

[#312] - Invoice / Commission Link

A bug was fixed where if you removed an invoice after a commission was pending that the commission page would error.

[#307] Accounts - Auto Send Invoices

A new setting per account has been created that will allow you to have a monthly invoice generated as a draft and not automatically send to the customer. This setting defaults to Yes, but can be disabled on a per-account basis.

[#303] Lead/Account Logos and Importing from URL

You no longer have to download a logo and upload it into Logic. You can now click Import Urland it will attempt to download and process the image for you.

[#297] - Allow Customer to add PO During Checkout

A new feature has been added that allows a customer to enter a PO during checkout. This will reflect on the invoice and the quote.

[#298] - LogicPay Credit Card Update

A new component was added to make the credit card entry process a little smoother and less confusing for the customer.

[#295] - Carriage Returns on Quote/Invoice items

Formatting has been updated to allow carriage returns to be processed as new lines instead of ignoring them.

[#285] - Quote Process and Allowing CC

You can now CC your quotes to multiple email addresses where needed.

Be sure to check out the full v.1.1.19 Milestone on Github for more details!