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v1.1.8 Release (01/22/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.8 (Jan 22, 2023)

The following items were completed v1.1.8.

# 51 - Customer Quote Execution Errors

Moved the error box inside the step view so customers can see anything they missed easily. Smaller screens were unable to see the errors at the top.

# 67 - Offload Image Retrieval to Job

When you create/edit an account and add a website, Logic will attempt to go find a suitable image for the icon for the account. If an invalid URL was given the process will keep trying to find images, which is fine, however it holds up the account save routine. This has been moved to an offloaded job and will update when it completes allowing you to continue what you were doing without having to wait.

# 66 - Quickbooks Config Refactor

This is an internal fix not visible to customers, but re-organized how the Quickbooks integration worked to make it less confusing for developers.

# 55 - Quickbooks sync Retry

There are times where quickbooks online will just simply drop all access and refresh tokens causing you to have to re-authenticate Logic. If this happens, Logic handles the error gracefully but you never know your invoice or transaction never posted. This aims to show you if it failed and when you view the invoice it will attempt to retry. There is more work to be done here, but this is the first step in keeping this integration smooth.

# 53 - Quick Conversion and Sales Agent

Since the introduction of sales agents and self-managing quotes, we forgot to link the account to the actual sales agent if a customer signs a quote during execution. This would keep commissions from being properly set when the invoices are generated. This has been corrected.

# 54 - Admin Dashboard / Invoiced Today

Fixed a bug where the "Invoiced Today" widget was showing just the last invoice that was submitted for the day, not the total.

# 61 - Quickbooks Sync / Decimal

After all the float to int conversions done over the last few weeks, Quickbooks was never updated. So when I logged into Quickbooks it showed I had like 30 million dollars in unpaid invoices. So.. while that would've been nice, it has been reflected to use the proper conversion.

# 52 - Customer Updated Billing

There is a notification that is set when a customer updates billing that wasn't being posted to the admin dashboard due to an internal bug that was corrected.

# 58 - Mobile Refactor for Account UI

Fixed some mobile navigation issues in the account and invoice views that made it really difficult to do literally anything on mobile after the v1.1.7 changes to the UI.

# 56 - Invoice Card Refactor

Some styling changes have been added to the invoice cards. We shrunk them down, and added some color to the status badges.

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