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v1.1.9 Release (01/23/23)

Official Changelog v1.1.9 (Jan 23, 2023)

The following items were completed v1.1.9. This release was pushed to fix a number of UI and bugs found.

# 73 - Slack and System Activity

Fixed the Slack integration to post system activity to various configured Slack hooks. view issue

# 81 - Quote - Profit Calculator Expenses

Expenses in the quote profit calculator were not being displayed properly. view issue

# 75 - Package Builder - Added Value Comparison

You can now add an "is between" value for comparing an answer between two values before adding a product, service or addon. view issue

# 76 - Invoice Border Status

When viewing an invoice, the border will be styled with a specified color to help identify the current status of that invoice when viewing. view issue

# 84 - Product Catalog - Submit

There was a typo in the class name for submitting a new product catalog item that has been corrected. You will now see the "Please Wait" and the card is locked when executing this function. view issue

# 77 - Typo in Route in Product Catalog

The "Save and Continue" feature had a typo which caused a 404 and has been corrected. Also the caption underneath a product image is centered to look more uniform. view issue

# 78 - Account View - Billing

The credit card/ACH and billing email settings have been moved from Profile to Billing in the account menu. view issue

# 79 - Quotes - Sold View

When a quote was sold you could still modify the quote. This has been corrected. When a quote is executed, it is now locked and cannot be modified. view issue

# 90 - Invoice Graph and Series Data

There was a bug introduced when moving InvoiceStatus casted as an enum that caused the graphs to stop working. Also, the graph series controller should send proper values for graphs where money is calculated and totaled. view issue

# 92 - Invoice MRR and GraphSeries

There was a bug in the account MRR graphs that would attempt to get MRR from the start of the month to show what the MRR for the account is. However, if a customer had just started in the middle of the month no data would be shown. This has now been corrected. view issue

# 89 - Integration (Discord)

Discord has been implemented in the chat integrations. This requires creating a bot and saving the token provided by the DIscord Developer portal. More documentation on this coming. view issue

# 94 - Commission (After Expenses)

A new setting has been created that will allow you to factor in commissions after operating expenses have been calculated. This is defaulted to off, but is available if you want to commission only on profit and not the gross amount. view issue

# 97 - Commission Invoice Update

After creating the commission after expenses, the invoice commissioning routine has been refactored to account for this as well. view issue