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Create Coupons for your Customers during Checkout

Coupons give you the ability to create promotions and discounts with specific limitations. This feature only works in the customer/guest view and is not intended for use for Sales Agents or Logic Administrators to discount items. Coupons should be used in the context of a customer landing on your site, seeing a promotion, and adding items into their cart and using the coupon to self-checkout.

Create Coupon Form

Coupon CodeThis is the coupon code that your customer will enter during checkout.
Coupon NameWhen adding the coupon it will show a short name to confirm the coupon has been applied.
Start Date/TimeEnter the start date and time that this coupon should be active
End Date/TimeEnter the end date of when this coupon expires. Leave blank for never terminating.
Coupon Discounts Entire InvoiceSelecting Yes will discount both products and services, while No will only discount products.
Only New Accounts Select if existing customers can claim this coupon.
Number of Coupons RemainingIf you wish to only provide a certain number of instances of this coupon you can enter that here. -1 is unlimited.
Specific Dollars OffIf you want this coupon to subtract a specific amount you can enter the dollar value here
Percentage DiscountIf you want to discount a percentage of the total you can enter the percentage amount.
Minimum Spend LimitOptionally you can set how much a customer must spend for this coupon to be available for use.
Details/TermsProvide your customers with the terms and conditions of using this coupon and any other information that this may restrict or other forms of use.