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Data Tracking

Track specific Information on your products and services after being sold.

Data Requirements is a service only feature and is not used for Products. This allows you to track specific information about a service for quick review.

Let's take the above example of adding a telephone number service to an account. In this case we'd want to track what number or numbers were assigned to the customer.

Requirement Name/QuestionEnter the field name that will be displayed under the service.
Answer TypeSelect if this is a text field, dropdown or large input field.
Help TextThis is printed in small print underneath the question name to add context/help.
Require entry per qtyIf you select Yes, then you will be asked to answer the question per qty of item on the service. If we have a service on an account with a qty of 10, then we will be asked 10 times to enter a phone number (using this example). If we select No, then it will be asked only once.
Require Answer For SaleThis is currently not used, but in a future release during the quote process you will be able to force the answer to the question before a quote can be sold.
Customer can see/answerCurrently not implemented, but a future release will allow customers to enter information themselves during the checkout process.
Options (if Select)If you selected the dropdown type, you can enter values separated by commas to provide a list of answers to choose from.

What’s Next

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