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Defining your SKU, Product Name and Descriptions

Here we will define our product code (or SKU), the name and our descriptions. There are two descriptions: One for the Quote/Invoice, and one that contains markdown format for the shop to extend the description of the product.

Product/Service Definitions

Product/Service Definitions

Defining your Product

There are a few best practices that are used when defining a product. The SKU or Product Code should be in all caps, and spaces should be done with dashes. The reason behind this, is that many 3rd party applications we may want to sync data display their data in a similar format. When saving your product or service, your code will automatically be converted into all uppercase.

CodeEnter a SKU styled product code. Such as an abbreviation of your company, plus a dash, plus a shorted product code. The above example uses "VL" for Vocalogic, then a dash and then the shortened product name "YT54W" for Yealink T54W; producing VL-YT54W.
NameThis is what will be shown on the quote, invoice and shop name.
Terms of ServiceIf this is a service, you will have the ability to select a terms and service that must be signed during the execution of a quote
DescriptionThis should be a 2-3 line description that is provided on a quote or invoice to your customer.

What’s Next

After creating our definitions we will start pricing our product or service.