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Discovery Builder

Create short questionnaires for your sales agents or customers to fill out

The Discovery Builder is a feature that allows you to collect information from a customer that will help your sales agents create better quotes and quickly refer to information about that customer. Imagine you have 500 leads in your system and a customer calls you asking about a quote. The discovery builder provides a quick reference guide based on the type of lead that customer has been assigned to.


Create Lead Types First

By default, Logic creates a lead type of "Phone Service". You will need to add your different lead types before proceeding.

Adding a Question

In the example above, we will be asking our customer who their current provider is in terms of creating phone service. We may want to track this information so when talking to the customer we can quickly refer to advantages to using your service over the competition.

We can also add contextual helper text here that is given to the customer, should they be the ones filling out this information.

Dropdown Responses

To create a dropdown list for customers to choose from, rather than simply inputting text, you can select Dropdown from the Answer type.

Once you have saved this question, the options area will be enabled. Enter your options separated by commas.

The above options would prompt the user to select from Under $50 or Over $50

Large Text Inputs

If you have a question that requires a larger response, you can select Large Text and it will give the user a larger area to input a response.