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Selling a reservation of an item vs selling the product or service directly.

Reservations can be enabled for a product only. This is designed to reserve a product for a substantially discounted price. For example:

Let's say you are selling office space. You can't sell the office directly (generally) from your shop as the customer will want to visit your space, etc. However, if you wanted to sell a reservation that states that this particular office will be reserved for you for 30 days by paying a small amount this would allow that.

Reservation ModeSelect enabled or disabled to use this feature.
Reservation PriceEnter the price to purchase the reservation
Reservation DetailsWhat is the user reserving? What are they required to do? Perhaps the reservation is good for 30 days, and the customer can get a refund after visiting the office space and deciding to move forward or not.
Length of ReservationEnter how long this reservation is good for.
Reservation Refund DetailsIf you have a refund policy, enter it here. For example, if the customer did not show up they don't get a refund. However, if they did show up and decided not to move forward then you would provide a refund.