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File Categories

Define the types of files you would like to store for each customer.

Logic provides file upload storage per account. This can be useful to store items such as important documentation, contracts and other items. You will need to define what categories are presented in the admin area for document storage


Access to Files

The file repository for each customer is only an administrative access feature and is not provided to customers. This is for account administration purposes only.

You will need to create the category name, type of file being uploaded and if the file is public.

If you select Yes to a category being public, then a URL will be provided to access this file and can be accessed without being logged into Logic.


Errors During Upload

If you get errors uploading files, please contact your server administrator to increase the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize in the php.ini file. You will also need to update the client_max_body_size in your nginx.conf file and restart both nginx and PHP.