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Welcome to Logic, A Fully Featured Business Quoting and Billing Application

Logic was built to do more than simply create a quote for customers and handle automated billing. It was built to ensure you are pricing your products and services correctly, monitor profit margins, allow for more flexible billing options (such as monthly, quarterly, annual billing), manage contracts and more.

Check out our customer view and admin demo

Our demo will give you an idea of what to expect with Logic. Note: This demo site is purged nightly, and integrations and mailing is not supported in demo mode.

Mini-Feature List

  • Self-Service quoting and signup for customers
  • Integration support (ex. sync to Quickbooks Online)
  • Terms of Service management for products and services during checkout
  • Lead Management with Discovery Questionnaires
  • Automated Billing
  • Quoting with Instant Profit Metrics
  • Tool for Sales agents to create quotes with minimum and maximum pricing
  • Sales Commissions and Batching (MRR and SPIFF)
  • Monthly and Quarterly Sales Goal graphs and Forecast targets


Logic was built in a way you can create "Shop Now" buttons on your website and link them directly to your Logic shop. With our shop you can now sell Monthly Services as well as physical products.

Category View

Ecommerce Category View with Filters

Ecommerce Category View with Filters

Item View

Create marketing material, photos and features to display for your products and services.

Ecommerce Single Item View with Add to Cart

Ecommerce Single Item View with Add to Cart

Example Checkout - When your customers have decided on what they want, and are ready to checkout, they can create an account instantly without any intervention.

Checkout Process

Checkout Process

What’s Next