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Integrating your Logic Mail through GMail/GSuite

Due to Less Secure Apps being disabled a few years back, there is a new method of adding access for your applications. The full guide provided by Google, on how to enable app passwords can be found here.


Enabling App Passwords

The link provided above is required to enable app passwords. If you attempt to use the less secure apps feature, it will auto-disable itself after a short period of inactivity which makes it cumbersome to reliably send mail.

After you have enabled app passwords and have your 16 digit password, you can login to your logic instance, and go to Admin -> Settings -> Mail

Example Mailer Configuration for GSuite

Example Mailer Configuration for GSuite

Mail TransportSelect SMTP as your Transport
Mail HostEnter
Mail TCP PortEnter 587
Mail UsernameEnter your email address that you wish to use
Mail PasswordEnter the 16 Digit Password provided by Google
Mail Encryption TypeSelect TLS
Mail From NameEnter the name you wish to use for the mailer
Mail From E-mailEnter the email address that you used for your username

To test your integration, you can log out of Logic and when attempting to login, click Forgot my Password and send yourself a password reset link. If you do not get the email then double check your app password and your configuration.